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You are wondering what this is, so read this first. In 2016, my first song was created, and it was not good. But until now, we are at this point. Welcome to the official website of Kronize. I am a electronic music composer and I play a few instruments.  It's what it has been since I've quit marimba in 2018 (I still play it). So, keep your eye out. I've always been working on new mixes and songs, even today. So... you want to know what my music sounds like in person? Go right on to to my best place... Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Deezer, Google Play Music and discover it on Shazam. N​​​​ow, leave this site. Stay on it and explore, there is a lot to see about the music and more.


I made this demo, a 9 minute one.

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My 1st actual album, is now released.

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Will you ever release a music video for one of your songs?

Yeah. Probably, when I can make a hype type song. I probably cannot for my ambient songs, as what would it be, zen?! 

Would you go live? (Video or concert)

Yes. I'd LOVE to! It would be brilliant, and would be the greatest thing to do. I want to get my name out there for enjoyment, not money. Concerts would be great, so as live streams.

Do you have ANY socials?

Yes. I have a YouTube account. It is called Kronize, duh. Don't fall for the 13 year old movie trailer channel. It is not me.

How can I compose music?

It's very hard, don't try it.​ It's actually not hard. I use my Android tablet's music software, as well as Amuse, an app for music distribution. I found the software off of the Google Play Store. It was not hard, and within no time you can be the next me!​​​

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